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Water Fasting for Weight Loss and Detoxification

How do I Water Fast for Weight Loss and Detoxification?

What are the Health Benefits and Precautions Required for Water Fasting?

Manju Malik is a certified Dietician, Wellness Coach, Home Chef, and founder of Food Fitness & Fun.  Her purpose is to assist you in eating much better, pleasure cooking and also staying motivated to appreciate the trip of health physical fitness, and weight reduction. Her intention is to maintain and inform you as well as help you to be equipped with expertise, dishes, and also programs to aid you to grow the self-confidence required to do something about it with personal assistance. She’ll help you remain fit & healthy and balanced to lead a delighted life. Her motive is to educate you to make use of basic eating standards and eat healthy without having to count calories at every dish. The concept is to ensure that you take pleasure in food while staying healthy.

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Fasting is nature’s way of allowing your body to heal itself, and that rest is essential to the success of the process. When you stop eating all the energy that has been used to gain energy from food is now being used for flushing toxins out of the system and boosting the natural healing mechanism of the body.
Water cleanses, also known as water fasting, is a type of fasting in which for a set period of time, you only consume water. In this video, Manju Malik has explained the benefits, advantages of Water Fasting, along with some of its side effects & people who should avoid it.

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