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I don’t recall when I became heavy, but I grew really heavy the summer I graduated from High School. I grew up on the plains of Illinois in the land of Lincoln, and the paper routes and lawn-mowing jobs kept me skinny and busy during the years of my youth.

I remember spending the summer of 1983 on my uncle’s farm in Minnesota, where I helped raise a mixture of about a couple hundred chickens, ducks, rabbits, and geese. I’m not sure who helped who, but I learned a lot about and from the birds and bunnies that summer. I also put on a ton of weight that summer in spite of all the hay bailing and other chores I had to do. Fortunately or unfortunately, my aunt was a fine maker of pies, and I sampled my fair share of that and ice cream.

Time slipped by, I got married, had four sons with my favorite wife, and I soon blossomed to a masterful 600ish pounds. I never weighed because the classic 500-pound scales wouldn’t weigh me.

I started having trouble with my knees during my long 1.5-hour commutes and decided I should do something about the weight. Oddly, I never had any other major health incidents until after my weight loss, when I reached about 270 pounds.

Fasting has played a big part in my weight loss and maintenance, with fasts ranging from 12 hours to 21 days. I’ve explored almost every type of fasting.

I’ve started collecting random articles, information, news, products, and opinions about fasting, and I’ll be summarizing them here.

I hope you enjoy reading them.

Tom Seest